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Taxonomic Library

One of the most substantial impediments to meaningful research for in-country taxonomists is the problem of accessing taxonomic literature.

The Network is helping to overcome this problem by compiling a virtual research library of pdf 'reprints' which will include some of the most important taxonomic papers and books, with particular emphasis on the mammals (especially bats), birds, amphibians, and reptiles of the Old World tropics (Recent and fossil). Initially, for practical purposes, the library will focus on southern and Southeast Asian biodiversity. 

The Network will also advise researchers about other web-based resources, such as the ‘Biodiversity Heritage Library’, ( ), which provides access to important, historical, zoological and botanical books and papers. 

Therefore, we would especially encourage anyone who wishes to donate publications to the library on aspects of Afro-Asian taxonomy, systematics, ecology, zoogeography, biodiversity, and/or biodiversity conservation to contact Beatrix Lanzinger at . We would welcome any pdfs or hard copies. In this way, we can make available a uniquely valuable resource for all current and future taxonomists.