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Malcolm Pearch setting a bat net in south-western Ethiopia.

Malcolm Pearch
Researcher and Trust Manager

Malcolm joined the Harrison Institute in 1998 both as a researcher and as the Manager of The Harrison Zoological Museum Trust.

He has conducted field research in East Africa, south-western Arabia, and South-East Asia and has co-authored papers on the small mammal fauna of Djibouti, bat taxonomy in Myanmar, and the distribution and status of the Indian fruit bat, Latidens salimalii, in southern India. He has contributed to the Dorling Kindersley publications "Animal: the definitive guide to the world's wildlife" (2001) and "Mammal" (2003). He was also a contributing author to the second edition of Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia (2003).

In 2009, Malcolm completed an. M.Phil. at the Harrison Institute and the University of Aberdeen, in which he examined the biological diversity and distribution of small mammal taxa throughout the terrestrial ecoregions and protected areas of Nepal [more information].

Originally a graduate in law, Malcolm is also responsible for overseeing the legal and financial affairs of the Harrison Institute's charitable trust.