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Historically, many records of small mammals from Nepal originated from the Kathamandu Valley.

Malcolm Pearch preparing a paper on the small mammal fauna of Nepal.

One of 118 distribution maps of Nepalese small mammals.

Small Mammal Biodiversity in Nepal

Host country: Nepal

Project objective: To provide a comprehensive and detailed overview of the distribution and status in Nepal of small mammal species representing the Orders Chiroptera, Scandentia, Lagomorpha, Soricomorpha, and Rodentia.

The project provides baseline data that will be of use to the Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation in Nepal and also to other internal and external agencies working within the country in formulating conservation policies. In addition, it is a cornerstone reference work for mammalogists interested in studying the diverse fauna of this under-researched region of the Himalayas.

Project outputs include:

  • a synonymy and systematic account of the 118 species of small mammal currently known from Nepal with reference to published records and collections databases

  • a distribution map for each species, referenced to the ten terrestrial ecoregions and 16 principal protected areas of Nepal

  • a listing of geographical gaps in the distribution of small mammal species and an indication of previously unstudied areas that are likely to support Threatened, Near Threatened, and Data Deficient taxa

  • a series of practicable recommendations for further taxonomic study

  • an explanation of the historical background to the origin of mammal research in Nepal and the principal scientific investigations into the country’s small mammal fauna since 1824

Collaborating institutions: University of Aberdeen and the Harrison Institute

Principal Funder: Harrison Institute Trust

Harrison Institute contact: Malcolm Pearch – harrisoninst@btinternet.com

Dates: July 2007-June 2009

Publications from the project:

Pearch, M.J. 2011. A review of the biological diversity and distribution of small mammal taxa in the terrestrial ecoregions and protected areas of Nepal. Zootaxa, 3072: 1-286. [PDF available] .